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Bienvenue to Chez Moi

At Chez Moi, watch high quality truffles and chocolate treats being crafted by hand right in front of you. 

Everything is made fresh, using seasonal New Zealand ingredients and the finest Belgian couverture from Callebaut and Belcolade.

Professional Swiss chocolatier Ines Hasler uses Lewis Road single cream, which is certified organic and palm oil free, together with a changing array of delicious local ingredients in her truffles.


The mint is from her own garden, while macadamias, passionfruit, feijoas, oranges and lemons are all grown less than 20 minutes from her boutique shop.

Local honey, New Zealand liqueurs, chillies and hazelnuts also find their way into her creations.

Ines Hasler

I began working on my dream at age 15, in Switzerland.

The wonderful scent of baking bread led me into a three-year apprenticeship as a baker and pastry chef.

But chocolate was my first love. So, at the end of my training, I added two more years to become a professional confectioner and chocolatier.

After honing my skills in bakeries, patisseries and a specialty chocolate shop in Switzerland, I went looking for adventure in New Zealand. I was lucky enough to discover Waihī Beach, with its wonderful local produce, great people and ocean…and I decided it was the perfect place to launch my chocolate shop dream.

I speak French, German and Swiss German as well as English. 

But chocolate is an international language!

Love and Quality goes together 

Ines Hasler

You never see recipes
for leftover
chocolate .

My partner Adrien is a Man for all situations.


He is Swiss too,

he is also a roofer, landscaper during the week, supporter, handyman, shop assistant and willing volunteer for all chocolate tasting. 

It was Adrien who transformed an empty building into Chez Moi, creating everything from the ceiling and shelving to the window flower boxe.

He always has a smile on his face and is there to give a hand 

Adrien Willa
A very handy man

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