Bienvenue Chez Moi

To start with "chez moi" is in french and means "at my place".

(In SWITZERLAND we have four national languages, French, German, Italian and Rätoromanisch )

Chez Moi is a place where you will find quality handmade chocolate, made freshly in front of you.

We are working with the fines Belgium couverture from Callebaut and Belcolade.

(Yes we know it is not Swiss but believe us it is pretty terrible good too and you will not miss out on the Swiss knowledge) 

For our truffles we are using the single cream from lewis road  (certified organic and palm oil free) 

and because we are living in a country where the most delicious ingredients grow in our backyard we working seasonal !

(adding that way the NEW ZEALAND flavour ) 

Chilis from Kaitaia , oranges, lemons , mint from the garden, passion fruit, feijoa, macadamias and many more all growing freshly in NZ 


I grow up in SWITZERLAND,

I Speak French and German (also Swiss German)

i should be even able to order a pizza in Italian 

I started working on my dream since the age of 15.

Starting at that time an apprenticeship of three years as a Baker and pastry chef.

After completing this first training successfully, I add 2 more years to finally be a confectioner maker & chocolatier.

I decided than to choose my new work places with caution, outside my comfort zone, never forget to progress!

Love and Quality goes together 

Did you ever hear

about a recepies for leftover

chocolate ?

Adrien is my partner,

He grow up as well in SWITZERLAND,

(He speaks French, understend not to badly Finnish and German) 

The men for all situation,

He was my builder during the renovations.

And still is ! 

(Trust me i have heaps of ideas)

He also has the roll of the main sell-person and volunteer for all the chocolate tasting 

(the tasting is a pretty hard job ) 

always a smile on his face and there to give you a hand 


the men for all situations

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