Our chocolates are handmade in the beautiful little town of Waihi Beach / NZ

We are working with the finest Belgium Couverture .

We are using :

white chocolate, milk chocolate,55% dark chocolate and some 73% dark chocolate.

Our solid dark chocolate does not even have milk as an compound, Vegan  

(the dark chocolate is composed of cacao mass, cacao butter, sugar, vanilla and soy lecithin ) 

ps: if you are into dark chocolate you should try out the 73%...strong and tasty

We choose to use Lewis road cream for their quality and creaminess in our truffles 

(Yes ,those little squares who just melt in your mouth... by the way they are not always made to be shared )   

Chilis are not just chilis, especially if you are able to get organic chili flakes from Kaitaia.
The far north of New Zealand is not just a beautiful spot, but also a pretty spicy one. (We do recommend  everyone at lease once in their life going up there!)

or lets go to Blenheim where some amazing hazelnuts are grown with by Uncles'Joes team 

Sometimes we like to try out something new, something different.

made with some New Zealand made spirits, like limoncello from KeriKeri or some delicious honey bourdon  from the Hauraki gulf! 

Happiness is:

an unexpected chocolate shop

Impossible is possible but not often:

Creativity is a big part of being  a chocolatier and probably one of the most interesting.

We decide to stay away from the already made moulds and just to work with the basic ones (egg shape, dome, chocolate block...) 

not because we don't want to order some, but it is way more fun without!

We are able to create a lot of different show pieces who are always filled with some truffles.  

​Our Christmas and easter collection will change every year (until I am out of ideas, but that's not gonna happen the next few years)
Check out the gallery to see our previous work! 

Don't be shy!  we do take orders all year long! 
We will try to make everyone happy!!

So if you have a special request, for a special person get in touch with us.

per mail, phone or still my favourite way, walking into the shop.


(Please take notice that we need at lease a five-day work period to create anything.  As earlier as better ! )


Christmas, new year and easter are the busiest times in the chocolate world.

During that time it could be a little bit tricky for a last minute present.

Asking cost nothing, and we will always try to help out. 

For the moment there is no delivery service available, pick up only.
I apologise for the inconvenience.

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